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unicorns plushWant to pamper and cuddle a plush unicorn? Or make a pretty sweet gift? Whether it’s the unicorn of Agnes or a Beanie Boo’s … we will not tell anyone!

The plush “Unicorn of Agnes” of “Despicable me”

Want to find the universe a little foufou, cute and funny film “Despicable me”?
This plush “Unicorn of Agnes”, is super-soft and cuddly, she will be the perfect cuddle for your children.
It exists in different sizes and models as well as in speaking version.
Advised from 4 years.

The Aurora Unicorns

Aurora cuddly toys exist since 1981, they are rather high-end cuddly toys.
There is a great variety of Unicorn models that are really cute and very soft, especially suitable as a cuddly toy.
From 1 month.

Unicorns Beanie Boo’s

The Beanie Boo’s are adorable stuffed animals recognizable by their large bright eyes, their coats are really very soft and their large eyes make them particularly cute.
Great diversity of models of unicorns.
From 3 years.

If you want to always have one near you, there are Beanie Boo’s accessories like the phone holder or the key ring.

Starlily – My Magical Unicorn

StarLily is the technological evolution of the classic plush unicorn, it moves and reacts like a real animal and has many interactions according to different stimuli.
The application available on smartphones and tablets will allow you to play games with it.
Maybe a bit pricey but that’s the price of progress visibly.
From 4 years.

The Magic Unicorns

The magic unicorns are Barrado plush, specialist in the manufacture of good quality fluff.
Several models and colors to collect, go take a look at the photos, we love them!

The unicorn-blanket to warm up in the microwave

Plush of the Warmies collection, adorable comforters scented with lavender, and especially heating (it is enough to reheat them in the microwave)
For children of all ages.

Starly the unicorn

Very beautiful unicorn (35cm long) plush toy with a really high end finish.

Angel the Unicorn

Plush little but super cute and very soft.

Unicorns with their carrying bag

To never leave her unicorn, more suited to little girls than adults.

The rainbow Unicorn

Plush, unicorn, rainbow, … the perfect combo to please a little princess!

Pillow pet !

To sleep on a unicorn !

The Plush – Top 30+
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